University of the Basque Country

-Political Categories (graduate)

-Language and Culture (graduate)

-Philosophical Anthropology (with Luis Garagalza, undergraduate)


Public University of Navarra / University of the Basque Country

-Ecology and Phenomenology (graduate)


Nova UniversityLisbon, Portugal

-The Image of a Dump in Art and Philosophy (graduate and postgraduate)

-To Musicalize Ecology: The Thought of St. Hildegard of Bingen 

(graduate and postgraduate)


Maumaus, Lisbon, Portugal

-Hegel's Energy (graduate and postgraduate)

-Vegetality (graduate and postgraduate)

-Twisted Things (graduate and postgraduate)

-Philosophy for Passengers (graduate and postgraduate)


European University, St. Petersburg, Russia

-Philosophy of Plants and Animals


Diego Portales University, Chile

-Political Philosophy: Carl Schmitt (graduate) 

-Carl Schmitt between Theology & Technology (graduate)


University of Lisbon, Portugal

-Variations on Intentionality: Heidegger and Levinas (graduate)


University of Coimbra, Portugal

-Vegetative Anti-Metaphysics

-Phenomenology of Distraction


 Sichuan University, China

-Speeches Subvert Your Thought


St. Thomas More College / University of Saskatchewan


-Topics in Recent Continental Philosophy

-Mind, Knowledge, Existence


Forum on Contemporary Theory

-Critical Plant Studies: Philosophy, Science, Culture (graduate seminar)

-On Suffering: Probing the Limits of Thought (graduate seminar)


Georgetown University

-Philosophy and Literature: Derrida's Demeure (invited, graduate)

-Social and Political Thought: German Enlightenment

-Phenomenology: Being and the Other

-Knowledge / Pleasure / Good


George Washington University

-Aesthetics: Mimesis and Representation


University of Toronto

-Social and Cultural Philosophy: The Frankfurt School



Suffolk University

-Introduction to Ethics (two sections)


The New School

-The Body—Aesthetics, Culture, and Politics in the 20th



York University

-Introduction to Social Science (full year)