"Passenger Time"


(with Anton Tarasyuk), "V Day, or Z Day?"


(with Anton Tarasyuk), "The Genocidal Logic of Putin's War"

auf deutsch: "Putins genozidale Logik"

po polsku: Czym jest doktryna Szczedrowickiego? "To ona uzasadnia ludobójczą logikę Putina"

по-украiнськи: "Геноцидна логіка путінської війни"


"The Implosion of History"

en français: "L'implosion de l'histoire"

en español: "La implosión de la historia"

in arabic: الانفجار الذاتي للتاريخ

in chinese: 史的内爆

по-русски: "Имплозия истории"

serbo-croatian: "Implozija istorije"


"Thinking in the Face of War"

en español: "Pensar frente a la guerra"


"Vegetal Redemption: A Ukrainian Woman and Russian Soldiers"

по-украiнськи: "Соняшникова покута: українська жінка та російські солдати"

en español: "Redencion vegetal: la mujer ucraniana y los soldados rusos" 

ελληνικά: Φυτική Λύτρωση: Μια Γυναίκα από την Ουκρανία, οι Ρώσοι Στρατιώτες και οι Σπόροι του Ηλίανθου

по-русски: "Вегетативное искупление: украинская женщина и российские солдаты"


"A Sense of Upheaval"

по-русски: "Чувство потрясения"


"The Energy of Dwelling"


"St. Hildegard and Us"


El Diario Vasco series:

1. "La naturaleza ama ocultarse" (Heraclito)

2. "Me esfuerzo por devolver lo divino que hay en mí a lo divino que hay en el Todo" (Plotino)

3. "Llamo libre a quien sólo se guía por la razón" (Spinoza)

4. "Atreverse es perder momentáneamente el equilibrio. No atreverse es perderse a sí mismo" (Kierkegaard)

5. "El camino es la meta" (Gandhi)

6. "De lo que no se puede hablar es mejor callar" (Wittgenstein)

7. "Si se pudiera poseer, aprehender y conocer al otro, no sería otro" (Levinas)


(with Eduardo Navarro), "Un encuentro vegetal"


"The Powerlessness of Philosophy"


"Energia do invisível"


"This Plant Who Is a Ghost"


italiano: "I disordini in alcuni paesi dell'ex URSS dimostrano che il processo storico del suo crollo non e compiuto" 

slovak: "Nepokoje v krajinách bývalého ZSSR znamenajú, že jeho kolaps sa ešte nepodaril"


"On Knees and Elbows"


en español: "Contra el uso del concepto de guerra"


"Contagion: Before and Beyond COVID-19"

in vietnamese: "Su' lay lan"


"The Coronavirus Is Us"

en español: "Nosotros somos el coronavirus"

en français: "Ce que el coronavirus dit de nous"

ελληνικά: "Ο κοροναϊός και τα τείχη ως δήθεν προστασία από τη μόλυνση"

turkish: "Koronavirüsü Biziz"

vietnamese: "Coronavirus là chính chúng ta"

japanese: "ウイルスの時代、私たちは隔離不能なつながりの中で生きていると知る"


(with Monica Gagliano), "What a Plant Learns. The Curious Case of Mimosa pudica"


"Position as a Political Category: Phenomenology and the Eroticism of Power," Part 1


"Position as a Political Category: Phenomenology and the Eroticism of Power," Part 2


"Ukrainian Landslide Election Result Delivers a Twist on the New Era of Populism"

 em português: "Comediante favorito à presidência da Ukrânia propõe 'ação política apolítica'"


"The Garden as Form"


"Heidegger's Thinking Today Is, Perhaps, the Possibility of the World"


"Heidegger's Eternal Triangle"


"El daimon de la vida vegetal"


"Apocalypse Then"


"Trump's & Netanyahu's Pedagogy of Oppression: A Lesson on the Nature of Facts"


"We, the Orphans of October"


"Our Polluted Senses"


(with D. Innerarity), "Better than a Victory, Worse than a Defeat?"


"What Doesn't Belong in this Group: Israel, Trump, Freedom of the Press?"


auf Deutsch: "Für ein Friedensabkommen mit den Pflanzen"


"Can Democracy Save the Planet?"


"Poland's Bialowieza: Losing the Forest and the Trees"

in Slovenian: "Koniec lesa a smrt' stromov"


turkish: "Bitkiler düşünebilir mi?"


"Dreaming of Energy, Otherwise"

en español: "Soñar con otra energía"


"Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy"


(with Slavoj Žižek), "The Breakdown of Rational Argumentation"


"Jewish Americans Must Take Sides on Trump"


"The Con Artistry of the Deal: Trump, the Reality-TV President"

en español"Trump, el maestro titiritero y sus límites"


"Being Double"

en español: "Ser doble"


"The Dust Bowl and Us"


"The Traumas of Chernobyl"


"Chernobyl as an Event"


"Exposure: Chernobyl"

по-русски: "Открытость: Чернобыль"


"US Primaries and the Politics of Fire"


"Trump Metaphysics"

en español: "Metafísica Trump"


"Dust Specks"


"To Dust or Not to Dust?"


"Can There Be Poetry After Netanyahu?"


"David Bowie's Stardust Twilight"


"The Meaning of 'Clean Energy'"


en français: "Dégageons du Moyen-Orient!"


"Israeli Hospital Raid Reflects Criminal Behavior of the Country's Political Leadership"


"How to Steal the Future in Israel/Palestine"


"Israeli Society Is Crumbling Under the Weight of Occupation"


"Inflammatory Rhetoric and the Volcano of Occupation"


"Whose Violence?"


"Being in Exile from Oneself"


"Smart as an Oak?"

по-русски: "Мыши, которые умнее людей"

em português: "A inteligência das plantas"


"The Extremism of the Center in Israel"


(with Patricia Vieira) "The End of Democratic Europe"

по-русски: "Шантажируя Грецию, демократическая Европа приближает свой конец"


"Dusting the Furniture of Our Minds"


"The Muslim No"

"El 'no' musulman"


(with Luce Irigaray) "Toward an Ecology of Sharing"


"Beards in Philosophy"


"Dust: A Ledger of Past Existence"


"Is Syriza's Victory a Shift for Europe?"

em português: Filósofo Michael Marder comenta ataques ao 'Charlie Hebdo'


"What Else Was Paraded in Paris?"

in Serbo-Croatian, "Čime se još paradiralo u Parizu?"


(with Luce Irigaray), "Plant Lessons"


"What Is a Jewish Nation-State?"


"Plus de restes"


(with Luce Irigaray), "Is 'Democracy' Nothing More than a Slogan Now?"


"The End of Israel's Historical Immunity"


"A Fight for the Right to Read Heidegger"

em português: Uma luta pelo direito de ler Heidegger


"Europas eksistensielle 'de-konstitusjon'"


"Don't Keep Calm! And Don't Carry On!"


(with Luce Irigaray) "Without Clean Air, We Have Nothing"


"Living la Vida Low-Cost in Portugal"


"Why Deconstructing Zionism Is Important"


(with Patricia Vieira) "What Do We Owe the Future?"


"Why Settlements Will Lead to a One-State Solution"


"Los dos soles de Europa"


(with Monica Gagliano), "How Do Plants Sound?"


"What Horsemeat Tells Us About Ourselves"


"What Will Save Portugal?"


"The Sensitivity of Plants"


"¿Deberían las plantas tener derechos?"


"A Postcolonial Comedy of Errors"


"Carl Schmitt and the De-Constitution of Europe" Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV; Part V


"Botany's Copernican Revolution"

en español: "Contra Linneo"


"The Time is Ripe for Plant Rights"


"For the Love of a City"

em português: "Pelo amor de Nova York"


"Marginalising Europe"

en français: "L’Europe est en passe de devenir une colonie des pays émergents


(with Patricia Vieira) "Sem rei nem roque: a crise da soberania em Portugal" 


¿Como pensar y respectar las plantas?
como pensar las plantas - diario vasco.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 67.0 KB
Pelo Amor de Nova York
Adobe Acrobat Document 306.0 KB
L’Europe est en passe de devenir une colonie des pays émergents
Adobe Acrobat Document 341.3 KB
Sem rei nem roque: a crise da soberania em Portugal
Rei nem roque.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 143.1 KB


"The State of the European Disunion"


"Israel's Medievalism"

italiano: "Il medievalismo di Israele"

korean: 팔레스타인을 '중세시대'로 돌려놓겠다는 이스라엘


"Europe's Pain without Gain"


"Rating Sovereignty"


(with Patricia Vieira) "Fortuna's Dark Side: Politics contra Fatalism"


"Uncultured Austerity"

en español: "Austeridad inculta"


(with Patricia Vieira) "Art and the Language of Things"


"Do Plants Have Their Own Form of Consciousness?"


"The Idea of Following in the Age of Twitter"

en español: "Seguir a otro en la era de Twitter"


"Is Plant Liberation on the Menu?"


"If Peas Can Talk, Should We Eat Them?"


"A Genealogy of Enjoyment"


"Is Portugal Hopeless?"


"The West Is the Opposition's Albatross"


"A Revolution in Botanical Nomenclature"


"The European Union and the Rhetoric of Immaturity" 

ελληνικά: "Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση και η ρητορική της ανωριμότητας"


"Ultra-Orthodox Reflection of Israeli Politics"


"The Second Death of Politics"


"Jokes and Their Relation to Crisis"

en español: "El humor y su relación con la crisis"